Better Yields, Less Waste

Cutting-edge, AI-powered precision agriculture

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Maximize Your Farm's Performance

We use our vast network of sensors to sustainably improve crop yield with personalized agricultural modeling

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Multi-Season Analytics

Monitor changes to your field's health throughout the season and year to year. Gain the insights needed to make more informed growing choices
  • Increase crop yield per area
  • Minimize fertilizer costs
  • Use less irrigation

Detailed Health Maps

High resolution health maps allow you to know exactly which plants are being stressed

Soil Sampling

We help you keep track of the exact soil sample locations and track soil health over time
Our Mission:

Empower growers to sustainably improve nutrition production with a new generation of hardware and analysis

Key Features

Financial Tracking


See changes to the value of your crops due to health and growth stage + market fluctuations

Change Over Time


We grow with you. Make changes to your strategy and update crop allocations

Optimize Resources


With an overview of all fields in your operation, you can allocate resources optimally between all fields

Weather Planning


We take care of documenting the weather throughout the season so you know exactly how much irrigation is needed

Add New Fields


Update and create new fields as needed

Harvest Tools


Keep track of planting density and other critical metrics between seasons

Multiple Fields


Manage all of your fields from one Central Dashboard

Harvest Timeline View


See key events, measurements, and datapoints for the season from one simple chart