Our Technology
Harvest Management Analytics Platform

OptiAG's advanced harvest and crop modeling technology forms the foundation of our comprehensive analytics dashboard. This powerful tool empowers farmers to efficiently manage their fields and closely monitor the progress of seasonal growth. By seamlessly integrating crucial data such as soil samples, weather conditions, and resource consumption, the dashboard offers a holistic view of the field's performance. With OptiAG's suite of tools, farmers gain invaluable insights into their agricultural operations. Our sophisticated algorithms analyze the data to provide detailed recommendations for irrigation and fertilizer prescriptions, resulting in improved crop yields. By tailoring these interventions to specific field zones, we promote sustainable practices and minimize environmental impact, surpassing the conventional uniform application approach. Experience the power of OptiAG as it optimizes your farming practices, ensuring higher yields while treading lightly on the environment.

Precision Irrigation Systems

OptiAG extends it's analytics platform capabilities by linking directly to irrigation hardware. Our crop health models can be used by to generate a fertigation and irrigation prescriptions specifying the optimal irrigation rate for each field zone. Parameters such as crop type, growth stage, soil characteristics, and weather conditions are considered. By analyzing these variables, the system determines precise irrigation levels required for optimal crop health and growth. Variable rate irrigation helps farmers avoid excessive water usage, preventing water waste and nutrient leaching.

Our system ensures water is delivered where and when needed, optimizing water usage and reducing fertilizer requirements. This leads to significant water and fertilizer cost savings while maintaining or improving crop yields.

Pivot Layout Consultation

Planning to install 1 or more large irrigation systems? Consult with us to understand your options. We will analyze your land area and create proposals for the best layouts given your terrain and area targets. Our team specializes in maximizing the acerage you can fit under irrigation. We cover all aspects including quoting with vendors, plumbing layout, and pump sizing optimization so you can get the best bang for your buck.